Hip Replacement

Total hip replacement can be an extremely successful surgical procedure. The first total hip replacement surgery was performed more that 40 years ago. Dr. Lux does over 100 hip replacement surgeries every year. Total hip replacement, also called arthroplasty, involves removing the diseased bone and cartilage and resurfacing it with orthopedic implants. During surgery the affected portion of the “ball” or head of the femur is removed to allow for the replacement hip component. The “socket”, or acetabulum, is then shaped to accept the new socket, which is pressed and fixed into place. With both components in place, it allows the joint to move freely without pain. Dr. Lux utilizes the Echo™ Hip System

Total Hip Replacement Surgery

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surgery animation

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is actual surgery footage of a total hip replacement performed and narrated by Dr. Lux.

Total HIP Replacement : Before and After X-Ray



“Thank you for my fabulous hip replacement and the
exceptional surgery you performed.”
- C. Weidner