Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement can be an extremely successful surgical procedure. The first knee replacement procedure was performed more than 30 years ago. Dr. Lux does an average of 400 knee replacement surgeries every year. Total knee replacement also called arthroplasy, involved removing the diseased bone and cartilage and resurfacing it with orthopedic implants. The word replacement makes one think that the entire knee is removed. In truth, only the damaged bone and cartilage at the end of the bones are removed and resurfaced. These components are designed to re-create the natural contours of the bones in a healthy knee. The metal and polyethylene implants allow the bones to smoothly glide against each other, much like natural cartilage.
Dr. Lux utilizes the Vanguard® Complete Knee System


Total Knee Replacement Surgery

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is actual surgery footage of a total knee replacement performed and narrated by Dr. Lux.

Total knee replacement : Before and After



“Dr. Lux did both of my mom's knees. She loved him!”
- L. Meyer